Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There are too many I in one box .So many characters in one body .Each I has its own ego . Most interesting is tht the box in which all these I are... have no ego . It was born ego less but as these character artist appeared ego appeared . You can watch the ego of each character artist when it is in its full form .
You will see that some times the son in u is hurt ,some times the husband in u is hurt , some times the friend character in you is hurt .But never is REAL YOU hurt .So while living ...when you feel hurt or pain ..watch which character in u is unhappy this moment . why is he or she angry or in pain ? whats is the thought process happening while its hurt ..is it same when it was romancing ....or praying . What is the difference ?
Then WATCH what are properties of anger ? what are properties of love ? what are properties of kindness ? what you feel ...how your breath happens when any of these emotions passes through you ...........
This will create detachments from emotions and characters in you .
Take out each pencil from the box and the box will be empty .
DEtachment will create space within you . The window will be open and you will see the clear inner sky within .