Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Spiritual masters teaches " LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL .ITS A BLESSING, USE IT FULLEST". Many a times I have found seekers in a puzzled mode after hearing this . In all likelyhood they are not able to relate properly with this wisdom of ours because they are puzzled ,disturbed ,hassared by the society and by people who are near and dear to them .HOW CAN ONE REALIZE WITHIN THAT LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ? 
MAYA is an illusionary web ,its  like a transparent membrane which holds all forms ,humans .MAYA has great elasticity .A seeker puts its  effort to come out of it .He tries his level best to tear it apart .As he makes effort to tear it ,the web puts its effort to pull him back in its illusionary world using the mind of the seeker  as its device .  
A seeker needs to strive again and again  and move forward with more effort.  His faith ,love and dedication  towards GOD will be his helping and supporting tools in achieving his GOAL OF SELF REALIZATION .
Through meditation and contemplation a vast space is created within a seeker. washing away all his impurities of mind .Making him sharp and one pointed .His energy rushes very fast towards LORD and touches the energy of higher dimensions .He feels showering of bliss within and realizes the beauty of bliss ,love and life . In short you can only feel the beauty of life when your mind is clear from clumsiness of all concepts / thoughts and you are beautiful within ._()_ HARIOM

Monday, May 13, 2013

Like a child a seeker wants all its wishes to be fulfilled .But its not necessary that all your demands will be fulfilled by lord .HE knows what is best for his child .He holds his children in his hands and protects them .Just like parents, Lord doesn't fulfill all your demand he only grants those wishes which will be helpful in your inner growth . If you are on the path of self search and things are not happening as per your ways then understand that its blessing in disguise from lord .Thank your guiding angels ,your sadguru and other divine souls who are protecting you and guiding you ,walking with you in invisible way .May be you will not be able to see them but ys certainly you must have felt them many a times in your life . _()_ sadguru tere ishq mei mai kurban