Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A seeker or the traveler of the path of TRUTH has to pass through many tests . As he grows ,expands and dissolves he has to cross many encirclements . Before crossing these encirclements he is put to different kinds of tests .If the sadhaka passes the test then he is allowed to move ahead in next dimension of growth other wise he has to stay there for longer time until he realizes the worthlessness of the lust or emotion which held him back ....As the sadhaka climbs higher and higher on the stairs of heaven the risk of falling down in patala loka increases .He can reach heaven only when he is very aware of his fears and weaknesses which can pull him down .A real sadhaka is very strong within and is deeply connected to its GURU . He never forgets his guru and the real goal of his life . However tough exams are taken he attempts all with full dedication and keeps holding hands of his guru . When the fog of illusion and lust tries to shake him ,he becomes very aware and awakened and calls his guru for help .Within minutes all fog disappears and he is transported to next dimension of LIGHT . The thread between the disciple and guru is very thin and delicate .The disciple is at lower end where as the guru sits on the higher end of that thread . The disciple eyes are full of tears of love and gratitude and the face of the guru radiates with light . The disciple chooses to dissolve in guru's heart all the times when the demons of lust try to deviate him from his path . His this love ,dedication and surrendering creates magical lights around him .He is respected by the dwellers of other dimensions of seven sky. After rising high to certain level of illumination he clearly understand the play of Maya and never interrupts in its play . Never think that walking of the path of light is an easy task and any absconder or so called sadhu can cross and dissolve in light only a true disciple crosses all boundaries and becomes one with vastness