Monday, November 3, 2014

What is free will ? Do we have any free will against Gods will ?

This is a bit tricky question yet I am trying to answer it in best possible way in this present moment .Yes GOD’S will is supreme .It is his will that we are created and it is his will that we get destroyed .God wants so the world is happening .Rivers are flowing ,birds are chirping ,flowers are blooming .This whole existence ,the whole divinity is happening on god’s will . we have no existence without god .Rather our vaster self itself is god .Nothing in this world exists without god . we are not above god ,we have not created him therefore we cannot govern him .we are created by god we are in total control of him . He has stepped on this planet earth by taking our forms and is dancing in every bit .

On the body level our identity takes shape and we start feeling thyself as individual beings .we take our control and start making choices in life . GOD IS TOTAL CHOICELESS AWARENESS so he gives us freedom to act and react . when a human is born he is choice less but as he grows in the society his action starts getting conditioned by the society where he dwells . His mind fills with ideas of thousand of people who are now dead or alive . He makes all decisions on the basis of cause and effects .

 This type of conditioned mind is not free because it can never go beyond its own borders, beyond the barriers it has built around itself . And it is very difficult for such a mind to free itself from its conditioning and go beyond .  This conditioning is imposed upon it, not only by society, but  is  also accepted by himself.  Till one is ignorant and caged in the web of cause and effect one cannot be free . Human body mind survives on causes . It always needs action and each action has chain of re-actions . The choice you  make in  this moment will create your future moment . If one chooses to live  present moment  in awareness and meditation then  naturally  his next moment will be peaceful . If some one abuses you ,you can choose to be silent or to re- act back in abusive manner . Life  always  give  choices to make because  life is happening in multiple dimensions .It always gives you choice to be aware or to behave on the same old fashioned way of concepts  and to be slave of  your mind .when we repeat the same old pattern way again and again ,then its not our free will rather its will of your  pre convinced  mind pattern .Here  you are totally absent and defused  by the negativity .

Here the personal  will is totally governed  by whose believes and notions you are carrying .

 An enlighten person steps out of chain of cause and effect .He live spontaneously . His actions happens on the spur of moment .If he is given choices  of  coffee and ice cream on the same time he can choose either of them .But without getting hitched by any further conditioned  thinking .. BUDDHA said WHAT YOU THINK YOU BECOME . This quote of Buddha shows that we have certain amount of free will .This becoming is of body identity .GOD IS CHOICELESS AWARENESS he never restricts you from making choice .The choice you makes shapes your life . But as I said life happens on many layers and GOD is unpredictable .He  gives freedom to choose yet  restricts us from doing many things .Many a times our action are restricted by outer forces .we are like a single  atom in this existence and we have our free will but this atom is surrounded by  uncounted atoms in the existence  which effects its free will  . The will of the cosmos and the will of an soul  both work on each other  at the same time . which creates the destiny of the soul  .Even the actions of Enlightens ones are also governed by the existence . Yesterday when I was talking to my friend santosh kunte ,he said that Osho built such a beautiful commune in America  he might not have guessed that it will be destroyed .It was not his choice but due to outer force  influence it was destroyed . Osho had strong vision of creating a beautiful commune in the desert of America and it was created also but in very short time  it was destroyed . This was outer force will .

In the same manner if a soul  has strong desire to live and enjoy certain lust ,then he has free will and this desire will continue his coming on earth and taking several births until he becomes aware and steps out of lustful mind . This shows that our action makes our destiny . On the other  Angulimaal  was a dacoit ,a murderer ,one day while waiting for his prey in the  jungle he met BUDDHA and the words of Buddha transformed him .Angulimaal never knew  that he will meet Buddha at that very moment .This moment was decided by the cosmos which changed his life .If  Angulimaal had continued  living  on his old pattern he would have become very famous dacoit and may  be was later punished by the king .But one moment changed his life destiny totally .

 so we find that we have free will and we don’t have it too .  Its GOD’s will that BUDDHAS come on earth  to spread light in the world .Its his will to give them death punishment by his  loved ones . Its  Buddhas will to remain loving and be  witnesser of all  life play .