Friday, July 31, 2015

OSHO Param Teertha Spiritual Healing Centre

Dear Seekers, beloveds, travelers of Light;

On this auspicious eve of Guru Poornima, today I remember you all with a heart full of unconditional love to share my beingness with all of you. Here I am celebrating my life with full awareness and authenticity and I wish to share my energy with you all, so that you also can flower to your fullest potential and truly be able to celebrate life fully and most vibrantly. Just as our beloved Sadguru Osho envisioned a dream for us, to have Ten Thousand fully awakened and celebrating Buddhas across the world, those who would further usher in the birth of a New Man at this crucial juncture where humanity stands to rekindle hope in the world and to nourish Gaia, the mother earth who nourishes all of us.

This beautiful evening, with the blessings of our beloved Sadhguru Osho, we embark on a new divine journey. We are starting ‘OSHO Param Teertha Spiritual Healing Centre’ which shall work towards providing psychological as well as spiritual guidance and counseling to people from all walks of lives. We shall aim to provide apt & effective guidance in the times of crisis to people and try to handhold and walk them towards the path of light, i.e., on the journey to their own inner sanctum.  

We shall suggest/offer counseling as well as several healing modalities as per the requirement of the person involved. Any communications made, shall be kept strictly confidential. Should you require guidance in any situation or crisis of your life, you can write or speak with us on this forum.

Guidance shall be offered on a Love Donation basis & the purpose of this connection shall always primarily remain ‘Spiritual Evolution & Awakening’ in your life. People truly interested in transforming their lives, should only get in touch and request for an appointment online/in person. Any frivolous communications shall not be entertained nor shall be responded to.  But we have sufficient time for genuine people looking for solutions to their burning issues in life and who are truly seeking to evolve spiritually despite all hurdles in their lives.

If you happen to purchase any materials, books, cds or specific healing services from the Centre it shall have a specific charge attached to it on a case to case basis. However, these services shall be provided on a non-for-profit basis.

The Centre shall also aim to conduct Spiritual Retreats from time to time at suitable locations where seekers can gather with us, in a divine ambience and receive guidance, participate into healing sessions, gather for meditation & celebrations and be present in the divine togetherness of the people on the path.

Let us Meditate & Celebrate together. Love and Light to all.

“To become absolutely relaxed and free is most difficult for people today, and it is the greatest blessing to experience living in utter bliss and abandon.”

Come let us take a step towards authentic living today…

Happy Guru Poornima,

Ma Anita Singh,

Osho Paramteertha Spiritual Healing Centre

Ranchi, Jharkhand


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